Rebecca Savich, Inventor of the ABC System for massage tables

After a 3 day cross country drive from Los Angeles to Pennsylvania, Rebecca Savich spent 5 days trying to get in touch with Jeff Raich, President of Oakworks,
(a Manufacturer and Retailer of massage tables).  “I went to PA without an appointment but I figured when I do get a hold of him, I wanted to be there and ready.  Jeff is a busy guy, he runs a company with 150 employees.”  She got through to him on the fifth day and he told her to come in the next day.  He was going to give her 15 minutes.  That 15 minutes turned into 2 ½ hours!  Rebecca Savich, founder of Contour Table Systems and Jeff Riach, Co-founder and CEO of Oakworks shook hands and
‘The Utopian’ began to take form.

Savich, a naturally endowed women, faced major discomfort in the prone position while getting a massage. “It’s a catch-22 situation.  I get massages often because my back gets sore from carrying my breasts, but the massages that were meant to help my back, would hurt my breasts.” That ‘Breast Distress’ turned into a personal quest for Savich to invent a massage device that could be built into massage tables as well as medical tables.  The ABC system was born!  (Adjustable Breast Comfort system, patent pending).

Savich officially began the long road of inventions in 2006, and signed the manufacturing and distribution deal with Oakworks in August of 2009.  “Jeff saw the value and necessity of my device right away and began their prototypes.”  And after just three prototypes by the end of the year, the first hand full of Utopian massage tables were sold.

What makes this so seemingly simple massage table so revolutionary?
Savich answers, “The ‘Utopian’ works just as well for both women and men of all sizes and body shapes.  Equipped with a powerful foot pump and a simple release valve, therapists can adjust the platform on the table top, without interrupting the patients relaxation.  The platform can also rise above the table to be used as a headrest while lying supine.  And if you slide the client further up the table, putting the back of the head in the headrest, the platform rises further above the table to lift the upper back. This opens up the chest and allows new stretching for the shoulders.”

Why Oakworks?
“Oakworks is an incredible company.  They manufacture in the USA, they’re family owned and went GREEN long before it was considered ‘cool’.  They are a ‘Global Cooling Busines’.  This means that they have a zero carbon foot print.  They work with ‘Trees for the Future’ a non-profit that audits them and let’s them know how many trees need to be planted for them to offset their entire utility usage.”

“There is, of course, another part to this story. Everything it took to get to the deal with Oakworks. It was not an easy road! I would love to share this! I want to inspire others to follow their dreams!”