The ABC Massage Table

Contour Table Systems

It’s impossible to know when the first massage was given. The Chinese have been writing about their techniques for at least 5,000 years and it can be safely assumed that massage existed in some form or other long before being documented. Different types of massage have developed throughout the centuries and each has been improved or used as the basis for creating a slightly different approach. There hasn’t been any new or updated technique truly worthy of the label “revolutionary” for a long time. To find that, we have to look at the newest innovation in massage table.

Just before the beginning of the year, Oakworks, one of the top manufacturers of massage and medical tables announced the release of the ABC massage table. ABC stands for adjustable breast comfort and was invented by Rebecca Savich, who appreciated the benefits of frequent massage sessions but not the discomfort created by laying face-down on a solid surface. Tables designed with cut-outs were better than those without but still provided a fairly uncomfortable experience. After several years of learning how to navigate the world of inventions, she has now partnered with Oakworks and the ABC system is a reality.

Massage tables equipped with the ABC system have an adjustable pad area that can be raised or lowered with a powerful foot pump and release valve. These can be operated by the massage therapist without any interruption at all to the session. The design allows for all body types and sizes and provides more than adequate support for whatever technique that is being used by the practitioner while reducing pressure on the breast area.

While the original intent of the ABC system was to increase the comfort for women during a massage, it actually does much more. When the client is on his or her back, the pad, which is well-cushioned, can be raised above the level of the table. This not only opens up the chest but also creates far easier access to the back and neck for the massage therapist. With the back in this position and using the attached face rest to support the head, range of motion work can be done far more easily and effectively.

The most innovative massage table design in the world will not bring your clients back if your technique is not sound or if your attitude and professionalism are not exemplary. As competition increases, your clients will have more choices and many of them will also offer a quality service. What will set you apart is the ability to provide the absolute best experience available. Once someone has the opportunity to compare sessions on the traditional table with the ABC table, it may well be the deciding factor.