Why Now is the Time to Upgrade Your Massage Table


Contour Table Systemsmassage table

When times are tough, as they have been for awhile, the natural inclination is to tighten our belts and make do with the equipment we currently have. Often, that is the wisest course. When it comes to your massage tables, however, that may well prove to be a costly error.

The newer tables on the market, like the ABC Massage Table from Oakworks, are such a leap forward that they simply cannot be ignored. The difference in the level of comfort afforded all clients, but especially women, is exponential. Surveys have shown that once a female client has experienced a massage on a table with an adjustable breast contour design, she will travel farther, spend more and risk leaving a trusted therapist to visit a center that has an ABC table.

No doubt you have worked hard to develop the loyalty of your clientele. Are you confident that what you currently offer will suffice in the future? The field of massage therapy has gone through a change generated by an influx of new therapists. How will this affect your business?

Most things in life tend to go through cycles, and that usually holds true when talking about occupational demand. The most recent downward spiral in the economy was detrimental to many, if not most, occupations. Massage, however, was one of the exceptions.

It should not be surprising that times of economic upheaval create an increased demand for techniques that alleviate stress. The more interesting aspect of the recent trend is that the same climate that created more need for relaxation techniques like massage also sparked a surge in the number of people changing careers and opting to become massage therapists.

When the economy tanked and people lost their jobs by the thousands, many saw it as an opportunity to leave behind corporate type work environments that were not making them happy, even when business was good. Massage therapy seemed to offer a way to not only make a decent living but also provide a service that they could feel good about because it is something that people genuinely need.

Inevitably, though, just as we’ve seen this happen in the past with teachers and nurses, the supply will fill the demand and competition for clients will increase. This means that it is essential to start now to do the things that will give your practice the advantage it will need to remain strong in the future.

Continuing education, sharpening your skills and learning alternate modalities are all excellent methods of giving you an edge. However, to keep your clients satisfied and continuing to give you those crucial referrals, it is essential that you stay abreast of innovations in equipment. This is especially true when it comes to your massage table.

The silver lining in the constant bombardment of bad news is that the need for massage services should remain strong for a long time. There is no reason that an experienced practitioner with excellent skills and a good quality, comfortable massage table should not be able to do quite well.