LAMA AMIN, A-list Celebrity Massage Therapist

Now, after using the UTOPIAN massage table I cannot work without it! It is my professional opinion, that this is the most innovative tool to hit the massage world! I often travel with my celebrity clients and they expect the best and that’s what I deliver. Most of my female clients won’t even lie on a standard portable massage table because of the hardness and breast discomfort. Now, due to the ABC system breast platform, every female client has her own custom table no matter what breast size she is.

My male professional athletes love it as well. Raising the adjustable platform while lying on their back gives a great chest stretch and allows me to do incredible shoulder work! And for me, I can massage the hard to get areas so much easier!

And I just want to add this, the curious and amazed looks I get when a client sees this table for the first time is great. But after they experience this table, the praise and reactions are priceless! At that moment, the ABC system is the Star!


Client List

Mariah Carey               Jay Z                               many, many more…
Rihanna                       Beyonce
P.Diddy                        Will Smith
Serena William             Justin Timberlake
LeBron James               Leonardo DiCaprio
Magic Johnson              Samuel L. Jackson